Led byTrans Media Portal Professor Laura Horak, the Trans Mediascapes Project investigates the aesthetic, political, and cultural work of trans-made films in Canada and the US from the 1990s to today and build a new type of collaborative digital tool to analyze these films and their circulation and to make information about them available to trans arts communities and the public.

The project collects primary source data on these films and their circumstances of production, distribution, and reception through archival research and semi-structured interviews with trans filmmaker and festival programmers. The team is building the Transgender Media Portal (TMP), a collaborative online database and website. As it continues to evolve, the TMP will: a) enable new kinds of analysis of trans film production, distribution, and reception; b) engage trans arts communities and the public to collaboratively generate new knowledge about trans films; c) share information about trans-made films with educators, students, festival programmers, artists, activists, and the public; and d) model best practices in terms of academic/community digital partnerships and transgender digital security and privacy. The project will also contribute to building the ground floor of an emerging subfield, trans cinema and media studies.